WP1 Project Management and Exploitation

Deliverable name Dissemination
D1.1 Project Presentation public
D1.2 Quality Manual and Project Assessment Methodology public
D1.5 Final Report confidential

WP2 User Requirements and Scenarios

Deliverable name Dissemination
D2.1 WATCH-OVER Requirements and Use Cases public

WP3 Overall System Specifications

Deliverable name Dissemination
D3.1 System Architecture and Functional Specifications public
D3.2 WATCH-OVER Application and Protocols confidential
D3.3 HMI Concepts and Prototypes (SW and Report) confidential

WP4 Communication and Sensing Technologies

Deliverable name Dissemination
D4.1 Communication Technologies Specifications public
D4.2 2 Prototypes of the Video Camera System for Testing and Demonstration confidential
D4.3 Algorithms for VRU Detection, Classification and Tracking prototype
D4.4 Adapted Communication Technology prototype
D4.5 Technological Tests confidential
D4.6 Sensor Fusion System confidential

WP5 System Development

Deliverable name Dissemination
D5.1 WATCH-OVER On-board System Demonstrator prototype
D5.2 WATCH-OVER Wearable System Prototype prototype
D5.3 WATCH-OVER HMI Integrated Prototype prototype

WP6 Cooperative System Test and Validation

Deliverable name Dissemination
D6.1 Implementation and Integration Report confidential
D6.2 Validation Test confidential

WP7 Deployment Strategies and Dissemination

Deliverable name Dissemination
D7.1 Market Intelligence Analysis confidential
D7.2 Impact and Cost/Benefit Analysis public
D7.3 Guidelines and Recommendations for Stakeholders public
D7.4 WATCH-OVER Logo, Leaflets, Posters, web site public

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